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About Us

Crestline Refrigeration is a company that is privately owned and managed by professionals with over 40 years experience in the service industry including 22 years directly in HVAC and refrigeration.

We provide affordable installation, repair and maintenance service for residential air conditioning & heating systems as well as refrigeration & HVAC service for commercial customers in Southern California.

As part of our service, we will perform a diagnostic on your system and advise on ways to minimize your overall operating cost. We will also keep you updated on new technologies that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

We take pride in knowing that at the very least we will meet your expectations. However, we will stride to exceed your expectations on every service call.

Our philosophy is to provide you with AFFORDABLE service without compromising quality, professionalism and respect. We truly believe the key to our success is clearly stated in our motto: Exceptional Service at All Times.

We appreciate your business. We look forward to serving you.

At Crestline Refrigeration it is our goal to provide you with Exceptional Service at All Times.

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