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Crestline Refrigeration provides PROFESSIONAL AFFORDABLE installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems for your home.

Why let your family suffer through the hot summers in California?

If your air conditioning system is not functioning correctly chances are you are utilizing a lot of unnecessary energy. Why throw your money away on energy bills for an inefficient system that does not provide the comfort your need?

Give us a call, we will come to your home, diagnose the problem and advise on a cost effective resolution.

If you do not have an air conditioning system we will gladly design and install a cost effective and environmentally friendly system for your home.

Protect your family from allergens in your home by having us replace your air filters every 3 months. Ask our friendly customer service representatives about our Healthy Environment Plan (HEP). You will be covered for free filter replacement every 3 months for the duration of your HEP agreement.


As the fall and winter months rolls around we are sometimes surprised about how cold it gets in California. As always you want to protect your family and provide a comfortable environment in your home.

There is no need for you and your children to walk around your home with multiple layers of clothing or covered with blankets or comforters.

Give us a call so we can diagnose and resolve your issue so you can get back to spending comfortable quality time with your family.

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